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Exhibit Registration Sheet and Art Tags

Exhibit Tags to hang on frame

EXHIBIT POLICY. Please read it and become familiar with it.


are held the second Tuesday of each month at the YMCA’s Senior Center at 45 Post Office Park (Map) off Boston Road in Wilbraham (unless otherwise noted), starting at 6:30pm.

Meetings will resume in September


Thanks so much for your help and for sharing with everyone!

Our hospitality person is Marie Chivers; please contact her to sign up to bring refreshments.

Note:  Each person is asked to bring a plate of goodies, half & half, and one soda or juice, put coffee on and check to see if the supply box needs anything, and if so purchase what is needed (paper cups, coffee etc.) and the treasurer will reimburse that member - only for supplies for the box.  If for some reason you can't be there that evening, please contact another member to take your place or trade places. The hospitality box (with the green top) will be left at the Senior Center.

Social Art is every Wednesday at 1:30 pm at the Wilbraham Senior Center. Come when you can. Talking about art and everything else is fun.

If you have a question, call Janet Vitkus or Paula, the leader of the Senior Center 596-8379.  
This is a time to get together and do art, painting or whatever any of you may want to do, drawing, pastels, jewelry making, etc. It's held in the same room where the general meetings are. Tables & chairs will be available. Bring your own snacks. Come as often as you can. If you just want to exchange ideas or talk about new techniques, you can do that and leave your art stuff at home. This will be a way for us to get to know each other better.  If you can't come each time, that's ok. If nobody is there yet, just go on in the room. The Senior Center expects us.  Stop in and join the group!


The Friends of the Library would really appreciate bookmarks that have been created by the artists of WAL.  Funds raised by selling the bookmarks at the library will go to the Friends of the Library.  The sale of our bookmarks continues to raise needed funds.  Thank you to those who contribute.  Members can donate 2” by 6” bookmarks using light cardstock (no more than 80 lbs.) that will be laminated by the Wilbraham Library.  Please put your name on each bookmark.  There are samples of bookmarks at the circulation desk in the library.  Please make sets of 6 bookmarks for laminating purposes.  Bookmarks can be left at the circulation desk in an envelope with Heidi Kane’s name on them.  Thanks.


Jeff Kern – Oil & Pastel

Joyce Emerle – Hampden

Fran Selva – Basket Weaving – Wilbraham

Roberta Wilson - acrylic

Please click this logo to visit our Facebook page for details on events, meetings, and shows.  There is no need to sign up for Facebook unless you want to interact in the Facebook community group.


The community group is a closed group.  In order to join, you need to go to the group and click JOIN.  When we see that you have requested to join, we will approve you and notify you.  

(Facebook Groups are the place for group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content.)


SENIOR CENTER MEETING ROOM  45 Post Office Park, Wilbraham.
A member may hang as many as 8 works for 2 months. 
Contact Linda Lastoff if you want to participate.

WAL AT CHRIST THE KING LUTHERAN CHURCH   We have an ongoing opportunity to display art at the Lutheran Church located at 758 Main Street in Wilbraham across from the old Rice Farm building.  
In their new building addition (on one hallway wall and one fellowship room wall), the church has installed picture molding and hooks have been acquired.  We will follow a rotation of the artwork every two months, just a few artists at a time.  Artists will be chosen in order of first come first served.
Art will need to be wired and labeled with artist's phone number (for any art that is for sale).  Wall tags need to be provided by the artist.
There will be a 10% commission to the church. The funds will go towards other Outreach opportunities in the community.   Also there will be the usual 10% commission to WAL.
Three-dimensional art can be displayed.  There are not a lot of surfaces to use, but they're open to allowing in some furniture or display cases if needed.
Please contact Ann Bagge if you wish to participate.

We have two large glass cases at the Town Hall for WAL displays. Contact Noreen Acconcio to participate.


Contact Lucy Peltier (admin@wilbrahamartleague.org) to announce your show here.


In order to simplify the sales process for our treasurer and involve artists in the selling of their own work, each artist will be responsible for the sales of his or her art and for any percentage to be paid to the venue.  Any sales of art will be  handled between the artist and buyer. Checks will be made out to the artist directly.  The artist may charge tax or take the amount out of the price of the art work. No longer will WAL take 10% of the price of the sale.  WAL artists will pay a $5 fee to participate in any WAL exhibit.  Thank you.


Lucy Peltier (
webmaster@wilbrahamartleague.org) stated that league members can send her their profiles including a photo of themselves and their e-mail address.  An artist link will be created and up to three small pictures of an artist’s work can be displayed (send digital photos no larger than 400 X 400 pixels).  Also, a link can be included to a member’s website.

We don't get too elaborate here as it's informal, free, and done by a volunteer, and it's a one-shot deal, so we don't do a lot of updates to it.  It's just a way to let visitors know who our artists are, how to contact them, and what their style is.

There will be no direct sales.  Lucy is accepting only e-mailed information.   Click for example.

Lucy Peltier sends out email communications to the members.   If you need a message distributed to the membership, please compose your own message to assure that it says exactly what you want.  Email it to Lucy (admin@wilbrahamartleague.org).  She will proofread it.  This process assures that all messages are clear, concise and complete, to avoid any confusion.  Please allow extra time for this process. 

Wilbraham Art League . PO Box 253 . Wilbraham MA 01095