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Liz Kowal
13 Redden Road, Springfield, MA. 01119
Phone #'s (413) 575-7083 or (413) 782-2656
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           Liz is an enthusiastic observer of nature and enjoys the creative challenge of capturing her experiences.   Collecting reference and photos for her paintings, Liz frequently hikes in the woods of her native state with her husband in addition to traveling the Northeast and Canada.  She is influenced by this awareness of the proper place of photography in relation to landscape painting:  "the realization that nothing can replace the emotional response to being outdoors, viewing the scene alive".  At one time her primary source of interest was of the Adirondacks that reflected much of her paintings, but what interest her now in creating New England paintings presenting a moment in time and capturing the unique qualities of the New England countryside.

Although she didn't know what life had in store, she always loved art and always had an unbelievable desire to create.  Recently retired January 31, 2006 from Hasbro Games Mfg...  Years waiting to pursue her passion. "To my husband I like to thank him for making it possible for an early retirement.  Without his love, support, patience and encouragement my artistic journey would not have been possible.  My endeavor is to be a full time painter.

 Primarily a painter of landscapes, Liz admires the Old Masters work of 19th-century painters.  Liz is captivated by serene vistas.  "I paint calm landscapes.  My life and work was so hectic; I am attracted to things that are tranquil and serene."  Her paintings show immense tranquility.

 There is little in this world that escapes her attention.  What might be considered irrelevant to another painter is honored by her.  Art is an explosion of impressions and she has a need to create with devotion to details. One thousand details make it impossible to make the explosion happen.  Modest about her talent, she claims she is a painter.  Leaving it to everyone to decide if it's art or not.  Developing her own repertoire of painting techniques working in oils and mix media.  Taking special attention to detail not taking any formal training, but instead her learning comes from observation and repeated trials.  As a self-taught painter as she is developing her own unique style of painting. Liz has done personal research of the Old Masters.  She believes the best training comes from fieldwork.  Fieldwork is where it all begins and where Liz will get most of her ideas.

 Visiting state national parks, zoos, collecting material and photos in all seasons are very important.  In addition to her imagination, inspiration is a key to her work.  Inspiration is a strange thing and can come to you in very unexpected ways sometimes in the field or sitting at the computer.  It can happen any moment of the day.  Painting in oils Liz strives to capture unique characteristics of wildlife ranging from animals to birds of New England and to mimic the atmospheric haze common in the Northeast as well as in the Adirondacks.  Striving to make her paintings more luminous the depiction of light is an important element in her work.

Here you will find original paintings by a New England painter.  New England has glorious seasons to be captured on canvas.  Liz features landscapes and seascapes in subdue and vibrant colors hope you will enjoy them as much as she enjoyed painting them.  Working from her home studio in Springfield, MA surrounded by an easel, supplies and finished paintings Liz accepts private commissions of domestic and wildlife animals, landscapes, seascapes and still life.  In essence, she paints whatever inspires her with its natural beauty, reflecting the beauty of her soul or convey a mood.

Liz takes the perception of beauty so personal she is happy to take commission from clear photographic reference that is close to your heart.

Commissions can be done by mailing, calling or E-Mail.                                   


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